Unique Travel Concept For Women 30+

This is for ladies who love to travel.

For women, who have the time and money to take off, but don’t want to travel alone. Maybe you’re single, and all your married girlfriends are committed to holidays with the family, and your single friends just don’t have the time or cash to join you.

Maybe you’re married and craving some much needed “me-time”. After spending years looking after the family and running the household, you deserve a break!

OK ladies … there’s never been a better time to visit New York!

New York is a shopping mecca so prepare to get your spend on and hit those shops!  Yep, New York is heaven for shopaholics – but there’s plenty of other fun in the city that never sleeps … so many fabulous restaurants, glamorous bars, Broadway shows, museums, world famous landmarks – and some A-grade star-spotting if you’re lucky!

I look forward to hosting these gorgeous getaways in New York!

I’ve spent my life travelling – for both business and pleasure, notching up plenty of Frequent Flyer miles and countless nights in hotels all around the world.

I understand what smart, modern, independent women want from a holiday. You don’t need hand-holding and you certainly don’t want to spend your days jumping on and off a tour bus following somebody else’s schedule.

Sure, we’ll have plenty of wonderful sightseeing options and activities organised throughout the week … but you can choose to join in or spend your days doing your own thing and exploring the city at your own pace.

And each night, our group of fabulous women will meet for a drink (or two!) and a meal – so you’ll never have to dine alone or stay in your hotel room eating room service and watching in-house movies.  We’ll have tables booked at New York’s hottest restaurants – the places you’ll be telling all your friends about when you get home!

Travel with a friend, or come by yourself, but know that you’ll never need to feel ‘alone’.

I will personally host the tours in New York and together with our travel partners and local New York based experts – we look forward to providing the kind of enjoyable, stress free, memorable holiday you deserve.

New York is one of the best cities in the world. I look forward to enjoying it with you!

For more information about pricing, dates and availability, please register here.

Sami x

10 reasons to love New York

1. No city gives a better welcome.

The Statue of Liberty always leaves her light on.

2. The skyline

Guaranteed to take your breath away, no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

3. The Energy

There’s a buzz. You can just feel it.

4. Fasten your seatbelt

A NYC taxi ride is more thrilling than any roller coaster you’ve ever been on.

5. Broadway

They say the neon lights are bright … that’s an understatement.

6. Shoes

The only place where a department store has a shoe floor with it’s own express elevators and zip code.

7. The Food

An endless choice of restaurants and cuisine.
Leave your diet at home.

8. Cupcakes

It’s one of the few places where a pink cupcake with sprinkles is cool.

9. Goose Bump Moments

If you look closely, you really can see your dreams coming true from the top of the
Empire State Building.

10. The New York State of Mind

Every time you go, you just feel fabulous.