“How many Mr Wrongs does it take to find Mr Right?”


ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED is the first book by Australian media personality SAMI LUKIS.  Published and released through Penguin Random House in early 2018, Romantically Challenged is a hilarious romp through the men, the meetings and the misadventures Sami has faced on her quest to find love.


“Despite my best efforts (and the fact that I was once voted “TV’s most spankable personality”) I have always been Romantically Challenged.

Aside from a handful of serious long term relationships, I’ve been a serial dater for the better part of thirty years.  It’s not like I haven’t tried to find The One.  I’ve given it a bloody good go.  I’ve been on more blind dates than is reasonable for anyone to endure in one lifetime.  I’ve dated guys on almost every continent.  But for reasons I can’t quite understand, I seem to be a dating weirdo magnet. I often find myself in ridiculously bizarre and sometimes extraordinary situations with the opposite sex.

There was the date with Kevin Costner’s bodyguard (yep, the Bodyguard’s bodyguard) and the delightful gentlemen I later found out was an armed robber.  The sleazy TV exec. The bloke who wanted to rent my ovum.  The guy who proposed on our first date.  The loser who sent me a selfie featuring a hickie – which he didn’t get from me.  Oh, and that time I realised I might be dating my cousin.

And so, with no imminent wedding to plan, I decided to write this book: a collection of my most memorable and entertaining courting encounters.

I share my dating disasters in the hopes of connecting with anyone else who’s ever experienced the highs and lows of the always nerve-wracking, sometimes uplifting and often stomach-churching roller coaster of romance. This book is for those unwavering romantics who have found themselves in dating hell or on a date from hell.  I trust my dating disasters will help you feel a little better about your own.

Enjoy …

Sami x